The Bills have already fired Rex Ryan, and they could part ways with quarterback Tyrod Taylor after the season

Brown didn’t need the help. Those who work out with Brown know he has sneaky strength despite his 181-pound frame. Brown is known for his midnight leg lifts on cold Pittsburgh nights at a local gym.

Brown’s arms measured at 31 inches long at the 2010 NFL scouting combine. The picture of Brown’s extension of all 31 as he crossed the goal line capture the essence of the moment. But this initial stretch by Brown, as shown here, is significant because of Brown’s ballhandling skills.

Authentic Mens Mark Stuart Jersey Just as he’s starting his stretch, he’s holding the ball by the nose, almost as in a pinch. Many skill players choose to grip the ball around its center for traction. Brown had to think quickly while being tackled, and the fact he was able to secure the ball’s tip highlights his craftiness. So much can go wrong there as he’s trying to gather the ball.

The Bills have already fired Rex Ryan, and they could part ways with quarterback Tyrod Taylor after the season.
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The Buffalo front office’s uncertainty over Taylor, whose play has tailed off disappointingly in the latter part of this season, is a major red flag to coaching candidates who might be interested in the Bills’ job.

It shows not only that you may not have a player to build around at the most important position, but also that the people who are hiring you can’t necessarily be trusted to stick to a plan.

It appears that the next coach of the Bills will have to be comfortable working with general manager Doug Whaley and team president Russ Brandon on issues critical to the future success of a franchise that has now missed the playoffs 17 years in a row. It further appears that the next coach of the Bills will have to be all right with a lot of uncertainty at the quarterback position.

Tiger Woods hired Fleischer to help rehabilitate his image after his personal life fell apart

Sometimes, he actively hurts. In 2010, Tiger Woods hired Fleischer to help rehabilitate his image after his personal life fell apart. This led to articles specifically about how the disgraced athlete shouldn’t have turned to the crisis management specialist. Fleischer and Woods parted ways within 10 days, reportedly because Fleischer’s presence raised too many eyebrows.

Fleischer’s job is supposed to be clearing other people’s names, but his own name carries an air of dishonesty. Regardless of what he does in the sports world, Fleischer’s legacy will always be his role in the Bush administration. He was the most prominent mouthpiece of a campaign to launch a war on pretenses that turned out to be false.

Jason Verrett Mens Jersey “At the time it seemed like a great idea; we all agreed, we thought it would be good,” Rivera said. “But after the game, it was actually Carolina that we lost to, we listened to what the players had to say. Guys talking about, ‘We were a little bit rusty, I wish we could’ve played more,’ because we had the bye week too. Just listening to that kind of reminded me and I’ve always tried to keep that in the back of my mind.”

The risk for Rivera is clear if he chooses to keep his best players in for the last two games of the year.

Cam Newton isn’t a player who shies away from contact and there’s a target on Carolina’s back due to their undefeated record. In a 38-35 win over the New York Giants, Newton was hit in the side and appeared to have some pain in his shoulder and cornerback Josh Norman went to battle with Odell Beckham Jr. for most of the day and took a vicious helmet-to-helmet shot.
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But they don’t call him Riverboat Ron for nothing.

Brees and the Saints take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Saturday in New Orleans

The Saints were 5-9 at the time rosters were selected last year and have not had a winning record since 2013.

Several players, however, took up for teammates they felt were deserving.
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Many of them mentioned Brees and Jordan. Running back Mark Ingram mentioned Cooks, who ranks sixth in the NFL with 1,056 receiving yards and tied for sixth with eight touchdown catches. Brees mentioned Ingram and center Max Unger. And Jordan mentioned defensive tackle Nick Fairley.

“We have lots of good players in this room, but you gotta win games. And if you win games, you have a lot more guys on the roster,” said Ingram, who made a passionate case for Jordan.

“It’s an expression of confidence,” McCarthy said at the time. “That’s a statement that he made. I read about it just like everybody else. I think it just shows what’s going on internally, but the fact of the matter is we have to win the next game. We all get that part.”

Sure enough, the Packers have pulled themselves out of the doldrums. But that’s not enough for Rodgers.

“Not if you don’t finish it off,” Rodgers said. “Like I said after the game, you know what it feels like to be 4-6, that’s a tough situation to be in, it’s frustrating, it’s a struggle, it’s a grind. Luckily in those situations we’ve stuck together, didn’t have any fracturing in the locker room. No finger-pointing, no unnamed sources coming out, taking shots at guys.

Ken Crawley Womens Jersey “We stuck together, and I think we all believed that sometimes in this business it just takes one to get going. We got that first one, then we came home and won a couple. We won a tough one on the road. Now we’ve got two left, win ’em both and we’re in and we’re division champs. But that’s the goal at this point.”

Key fantasy football injury updates for Week 15

Welcome to Week 15! It’s the second round of the fantasy playoffs and, once again, all NFL teams are playing. There are no more bye weeks so the only players whose status is in question are those dealing with injury. On Thursday night the Seattle Seahawks dominated the visiting Los Angeles Rams. The remaining 30 teams will see action this weekend, including a Saturday night game with the New York Jets hosting the Miami Dolphins.

Early in the week, the practice injury reports indicate whether a player did not practice, was limited in practice or was a full participant in practice.

The challenge for fantasy owners is not knowing until seeing him in action just how much this injury will impact his performance, particularly since the injury isn’t the sole variable in play. There are weather challenges, personnel challenges at other positions (including at running back, something that has forced Rodgers to run the ball himself more this season) and the overall uncertainty of how these variables intersect.

But, there’s one thing that is known. The Packers know Rodgers gives them the best chance to win and everything about their management of him in preparation for Sunday indicates he will be on the field at kickoff, even if it is in the record-breaking cold.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers, shoulder, (Q): Newton hasn’t been himself this season for any number of reasons, but there was another concern that arose this week.

Soreness in Newton’s throwing shoulder resulted in an MRI earlier this week. While the specifics have not been shared, this clearly appears to be something the team will attempt to manage. Newton participated in limited practice early in the week while first-team reps went primarily to Derek Anderson, but Newton did more on Saturday and was upgraded to full participation.

It looks as if he is trending toward a Monday night start against Washington, but fantasy owners may want to choose another option given the late game.
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Game Mens Yadier Molina Jersey Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is expected to play in Week 15 against the Giants.

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers: So, for the season, the 27th-best quarterback in fantasy is Brock Osweiler

Referee Ed Hochuli was involved in one play during the Ravens-Patriots game that Mike Pereira cites as a replay official getting involved from the booth.

But his words have gone largely unheard, ignored or both. Not everyone will consider it a massive controversy, but from my perspective, it’s a startling revelation.

Officials are third-party
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game administrators, and their presence on the field provides a level of accountability. We can see, with our own eyes, who is making the decisions that impact the outcome of the games. We can see how they’re doing it, and we also know that the replay official — and the New York staff — are evaluating plays that are Limited Branden Albert Jersey announced to be under review.

Pereira believes that Monday’s replay official, whom the official league game book identified as Tom Sifferman, told Hochuli that Dixon’s knee had touched the ground to help avoid a mistake.

The Broncos acquired Derby because they believed his speed and route-running would give him a chance to contribute in the passing game.

According to Pereira, referees regularly receive assistance and advice from replay officials on their wireless headsets, communication that helps them make accurate calls but would be in violation of rules the league itself has published and publicized.

Ryan Mathews, Eagles: I know, he has had success. I know, Wendell Smallwood and Darren Sproles are both banged up. And I know, New England just had success running against the Ravens.

Playing an important game at home, I could see Baltimore getting up big here, causing Philly to abandon the run and making Mathews (who has just one game this season with more than 80 rushing yards) a risk/reward flex for Week 15.

“If that’s the tack you’re going to take, as far as I’m concerned, that’s fine. But everyone has to be aware of it. There has been all of this talk of adding an eighth official, but really, they already have one. He’s in the booth.”

It’s playoff week and coaches are getting fired: Welcome to the craziest day of the NFL season

The playoffs are here! The playoffs are here! The playoffs are here!

Complex machinations took place over 17 weeks to lead to this very instant: 12 teams contemplating, dreamy-eyed, slim hopes of winning the Super Bowl that aren’t nearly as slim as when the season began. You may have some questions. Who is playing who? When do games start? Is there a handy visual representation of all of this somewhere on the Internet? The answers you seek can all be found here.

The playoff picture was relatively set heading into Week 17. There were a few big winners, however. Ben Roethlisberger wrestled a guy in a Steelers win that, coupled with a Jets loss to the Bills, pushed the Steelers into the No. 6 seed. The Broncos got Peyton Manning back in a win over the Chargers that, coupled with a Patriots loss, gave them the No. 1 seed in the AFC. And in the NFC, the Vikings beat the Packers at Lambeau in a title bout that set them up for their first home playoff game since 2009.

San Diego Chargers: Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State
There’s only so far the best player in the draft should fall, and this is it. Bosa is a disruptive presence up front, both in the pass and run game. In just three seasons, Bosa tallied the third-most sacks in Ohio State history with 26 and saw double teams often this season. For the Chargers, he’s strong and lengthy enough to play end in a 3-4, and should really excel in four-man fronts.

Dallas Cowboys: Jaylon Smith, LB, Notre Dame
This choice is assuming the knee injury Smith suffered in the Fiesta Bowl isn’t as bad as some fear. Smith was stellar for the Fighting Irish and is a true three-down linebacker. His versatility will make him attractive to a lot of teams picking high. Dallas’ pick at No. 4 looks like it will be the first real bend in the draft. The Cowboys could go a number of directions – wide receiver, defensive back or defensive lineman could all be argued – but players at other positions aren’t as sure of a thing as Smith.

They’ve added some strong depth with the likes of outfielder Clint Frazier

Atlanta Braves: They were rumored to be interested in Sale, and though they have a system viewed as having a lot of depth, I don’t see a sure thing, top-end talent here (not including Dansby Swanson). Shortstop Ozzie Albies doesn’t have much power and hit just .248 in Triple-A. He’s very young and should improve but could be more Elvis Andrus than Francisco Lindor. Sean Newcomb is a huge lefty with a huge fastball and control issues. Are those two and something else enough? Probably not, given the uncertainty of Newcomb.

Colorado Rockies: Shortstop Brendan Rodgers is a top-10 overall prospect after hitting 19 home runs at age 19 in the South Atlantic League with solid contact skills. If the Rockies believe in Trevor Story, Rodgers could be bait to acquire that front-end starter they’re always unable to sign in free agency. Outfielder Raimel Tapia has already reached the majors, and right-hander Riley Pint — the fourth overall pick in 2016 — could complete the deal.

Giolito and Lopez still project to have bright futures, as a pair of hard-throwing right-handers who figure to be in Chicago’s rotation at some point this season. But the move from the National League to the American League certainly isn’t a positive. Neither is the switch in home ballparks or the fact they’ve moved to an organization that is rebuilding. The White Sox aren’t playoff-bound in 2017.

Frankly, I was targeting neither Giolito nor Lopez for anything but the deepest redraft fantasy leagues, and now that they’re more likely to pitch … nothing has changed on that front. In dynasty formats, hold on and hope for the best. In 2018.

With Eaton, the No. 27 outfielder on the 2016 Player Rater, the key here will be about lineup placement. The Nationals have a pretty significant leadoff hitter in Trea Turner, who will now move from center field back to the position he was supposed to play, shortstop.

Khalil Mack is so good his Raiders teammates are bowing to him

The Oakland Raiders’ Khalil Mack has been one of the best young defensive ends in the game since entering the league in 2014. It turns out that he gets better and better as games, and the season, progress.

“I had taken the challenge flag and I stuck it in one of the pockets of this big jacket,” he said. “I walked up to the official and said, ‘I want review that catch. I think it’s catch.’ And he goes, ‘Well, where’s your flag.’ And I said, ‘Well, it’s right here.’ And then I could feel it but I can’t find it. And he goes, ‘Well, you need the flag.’ And I go, ‘Just tell Jerome (Boger) that I’m challenging this and I’ll eventually find it for you.’”

Those deep pockets will come in handy when Fisher collects the money he is guaranteed from his new two-year extension with the team.

The Rams are currently 4-8 on the season, and they have a Week 14 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Walker’s cleats honor MADD and Delanie Walker Gives Back. McCourty’s cleats will raise awareness for Tackle Sickle Cell, a joint charity that he and his brother, Devin, share together.

That puts the Patriots in a better position for the top seed as they finish out the season. Still, Kansas City would get a bye and at least one playoff game at home, thus giving them a good shot to go to the conference championship game.

The question now is how they’ll finish the season. New England plays the Ravens at home and then the Broncos on the road, before easier games against division rivals the Jets and Dolphins.

Since the opener, much has changed for Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott seemed so innocent then, right? On that Sept. 11 night at AT&T Stadium, their faces told a story of youth and hope, like memories on a Facebook page.

Thirteen weeks later, they remain the same age — Elliott is 21, Prescott is 23 — but they have aged in a good way and the Dallas Cowboys have benefited.

But after the Cowboys’ 20-19 loss to the Giants in the season opener, there were nothing but questions. Elliott was held to 51 yards on 20 carries. His longest run of the game was his 8-yard touchdown in the third quarter. Prescott did not have a pass intercepted but he did not have a touchdown pass either. He completed 25 of 45 passes for 227 yards.

“I think he has more command of our offense,” Garrett said. “He’s seen more defenses. He’s seen pressures. He’s seen a variety of coverages. I think he responds to game situations really well. He’s had a lot of success. He responds well to that. He’s had some adversity where he’s had to play through some things. He responds well to that.”

“He’s a very aware football player,” Garrett said. “He learns quickly from the experiences he has. He

doesn’t make the same mistakes over and over and over again. I think as much as anything else it’s just the experience of playing, running the runs that we have against the looks that he sees, protecting against the different looks, running routes against the different looks and over time if you go about it the right way you’re going to get better.”

Much has changed for Prescott and Elliott since September. Mostly they want to change the result of what happened that night.

“I’m looking forward to it a lot personally, and then I know (our) team. They’re the only blemish on our record right now,” Prescott said. “And just to be able to go up there at their place and be able to do what they did to us the first game, we’re excited for the opportunity.”

Earl Thomas and the Seahawks won’t let unhealed wounds stand in the way of a Super Bowl run

He trudged off the field last February like the rest of the Seattle Seahawks, dazed over how the Super Bowl had ended with Russell Wilson’s pick and smoldering over the New England Patriots championship celebration. Seahawks safety Earl Thomas would face more agonizing tests.

He had played in that game with a dislocated left shoulder that was actually a torn labrum. Soon afterward he had surgery.

“It took six months of recovery,” Thomas recalled. “No preseason games. No practice before the first game. No game-like conditioning, no hitting. A challenge.”

Perhaps the biggest reason for the Patriots’ offensive woes has been Julian Edelman’s absence. Edelman, who broke his foot against the New York Giants Nov. 15, has developed into Brady’s go-to receiver over the last three years. The Patriots averaged 35 points per game while he was in the lineup this season, compared to 25 while he’s been sidelined. Their success rate on third down without Edelman has decreased by nearly 20 percent.

Brady’s numbers have taken a significant nosedive without Edelman as well. In the 10 games Edelman started this season, Brady completed almost 68 percent of his passes for 3,043 yards with 24 touchdowns, three interceptions, and a 111.1 quarterback rating. In the seven weeks without Edelman, Brady has only completed 59.45 percent of his passes for 1,727 yards, 12 touchdowns and four interceptions. His QB rating has dropped to 89.1 as well.

Though Edelman is slated to return for Saturday’s contest, other Patriots receivers will have to step up as well. Rob Gronkowski, who suffered a knee strain against the Broncos Nov. 29, has only caught six passes over the last two games. Danny Amendola also missed Week 16’s contest against the Jets with a knee injury and was only targeted three times over his last two games played.

The Patriots’ offense could be attempting to find its footing again Saturday, but the Chiefs may not give them much breathing room. Kansas City had the third-ranked defense in the NFL this season and was fourth in the league in sacks. The Chiefs’ secondary also recorded 22 interceptions.